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This latex Eurotop is the ultimate in plush luxury mattresses! The topper has copper infused Talalay latex over a layer of super supportive microcoils, and the main pocket coil system has five different zones of support to ensure every night is a fantastic night's sleep. 


Features Include:

  • A plush Eurotop with natural copper infused Talalay Latex which is known to be a miracle sleep surface as it is breathable, supportive, and minimizes compression over time.
  • A Silk and Wool fiber Cooling sleep surface offers a more natural and healthy sleep with a cool and luxurious feel throughout the night. 
  • This bed uses micro coil technology containing a double layer of pocketed coils, which are excellent for for support, durability, and air circulation.
  • The pocket coil system reduces motion transfer while providing extra lumber support.
  • Plush EcoTex conforming gel foam that contours to your body for a luxurious feel.

Neverland - Eurotop Latex Mattress

PriceFrom C$1,300.00
  • 10-10 Warranty: 10 year full warranty coverage

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